I have tried printing a Royal Mail shipping label for an order going to Jersey and I see a new 1D barcode being printed on the label where it did not print before.


In order to comply with recent Jersey Post changes, as of 1st of January 2023 all Royal Mail orders going to Jersey will have a customs barcode printed on the label where a domestic non-tracked service is used. Customs barcode will be printed as a 1D barcode and will start with UK or UG prefix.

This customs barcode can be saved into the tracking number field of the order by enabling the following service option: Shipping > Royal Mail OBA > Services > Edit > Save customs barcode. If the same option remain unticked, the tracking number field will remain blank on the order, but will still be generated on the label.

All required customs data will be passed to Royal Mail electronically when the shipping manifest is filed at the end of the day.