I have tried filing a manifest for DHL Express but faced an error:

Error in parsing request XML:Error: The content of element type "Place" must  match"(LocationType,CompanyName,Address1,Address2?,Address3?,PackageLocation,City,StateCode?,DivisionName?,CountryCode,PostalCode?,RouteCode?,Suburb?)


This error comes up if you have enabled 'Book Pickup' setting in your DHL Express config, but haven't filled in the mandatory field for package location (for the courier to know where to pick up your consignments from, e.g. 2nd floor, aisle etc.)

Please fill in the details via Shipping > Integrations > DHL Express > Config > Pickup details section > Package Location to ensure that the next manifest does not error.

If the collection is booked directly with DHL Express, you may disable the 'Book Pickup' option in the config.

In case you have filed the manifest and cannot see it in the Filed Manifests screen, please contact Technical Support.

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