I have tried printing a DHL Express shipping label and am seeing an error returned:

SV012a: The system could not verify your shipping account number. Please correct this number and resubmit. For assistance call DHL customer services


The error is returned in most cases due to an incorrect Shipping Account Number inserted to the integration.

In order to resolve it, please follow these steps:

1. Check that the DHL Express account that will be/is used in the Linnworks integration is registered for XML services.

2. Once the XML services request has been filled in, the login details and Shipping Account Number will be provided via email by DHL. Check that the same values from the email are entered in Linnworks DHL integration.

3. If the Shipping Account Number is correct and the account has been actively used before, contact DHL and check if the account is not on hold and there are no outstanding issues with it.

Additional information

DHL Express: Rules and Guidelines