I have tried printing a FedEx shipping label and am seeing an error returned:

2437: Length of package 1 exceeds the max length for this service/packaging combination (PACKAGE_INDEX=1)

2436: Girth of package 1 exceeds the max girth for this service/packaging combination (PACKAGE_INDEX=1)


These errors are being returned when the order item/packaging dimensions are too high for the FedEx postal service that is used to ship the order. As one of the options, split packaging can be used to put the items into separate packages, so that order package dimensions wouldn't exceed the limitation set by FedEx.

If the packages you are shipping should be within the allowed dimensions by FedEx, you would need to review the dimensions specified in Linnworks:

  • Order item dimensions can be checked in > Inventory > My Inventory screen by opening the SKU's Product Details > Postage Definition:

Please note that If you are using composites in Linnworks, dimensions need to be present on composite child items only, as the parent items are considered virtual items, whereas the child items are the physical ones.

  • Packaging dimensions can be checked from > Shipping > Packaging Groups by opening the Packaging Group and Type assigned to the order: 

  • Additionally to check the order dimensions that are submitted to FedEx you can run shipping quotes by opening Orders Open Orders > right-click on an order Shipping Get Quotes:

If these dimensions do not reflect the correct ones, or the item/packaging dimensions have been updated, please Edit the order and ensure that the dimensions have not been overwritten manually. If they have, click on the Recalculate button:

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