I have tried printing a DPD shipping label and am seeing an error returned:

Maximum value exceeded (consignment[0].totalWeight)


There are two possible scenarios on what needs to be done to resolve the error:

1. The actual total weight of the order exceeds the maximum allowed by DPD service that is being used on the order. Order total weight can be seen from > Orders > Open Orders and right-click on the order and click on View > View Order button. In the Details section the order Total Weight can be found.

If that exceeds the maximum allowed weight by DPD postal service used on the order, then another service needs to be selected that supports the order weight or split packaging can be used.

2. For orders going through customs there is a packaging weight required to be added to the order total weight. The error will be returned if the packaging weight is 0 or not big enough due to how the order item weights may get rounded before they get submitted to DPD.

Sometimes it is sufficient to make packaging weight 20-30 grams and on other occasions it needs to be up to 200-300 grams, depending on the order total weight. Packaging weight can be adjusted in > Shipping > Packaging Groups and find the Packaging Group and Type that is used on the order and edit the weight.

Please note, you might need to edit the open order and click on Recalculate button after adjusting packaging weight, if the change has not been reflected on the order:

NB! If you are using composites, please ensure that the weight is only added to the child item, not the parent item, as otherwise Linnworks will sum both of those up and send those to DPD as the order total weight.

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