Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to BigCommerce.

See the BigCommerce Configurators documentation for full details on all available options and guidance.

Below is a list of the default attributes available on BigCommerce configurators:

BigCommerce (BC) name
Linnworks name
Type of value
Is V3 specific
Predefined values
Availability of the product. Accepted values:
  • available 
  • disabled
  • preorder

AVAILABILITY_DESCRIPTIONavailability_descriptionFree textAvailability text is displayed on the checkout page, under the product title. Tells the customer how long it will normally take to ship this product, such as: "Usually ships in 24 hours".
  • MaxLength = 250

bin_picking_numberFree textIdentifies where in a warehouse the product is located.
  • MaxLength = 255

Received from BC account
A product can be added to an existing brand during a product update or creation.

Predefined values
The condition of the product. Will be shown on the product page if the is_condition_shown field's value is TRUE. Accepted values:
  • New
  • Used
  • Refurbished

The cost price of the product. Stored for reference only. It is not used or displayed anywhere in the store.

A fixed shipping cost for the product. If defined, this value will be used during checkout instead of normal shipping-cost calculation.
Predefined valuesThe type of inventory tracking for the product. Accepted values:
  • None: inventory levels will not be tracked.
  • Simple: inventory levels will be tracked using the inventory_level and inventory_warning_level fields.
  • SKU: inventory levels will be tracked based on products that maintain their own warning levels and inventory levels.

When the product hits this inventory level, it is considered low stock.

This flag is used to determine whether the product condition is shown to the customer on the product page.

IS_FEATUREDis_featuredYes/NoThis flag determines whether the product should be included in the panel of the featured product when viewing the store.
IS_FREE_SHIPPINGis_free_shippingYes/NoThis flag is used to indicate whether the product has free shipping. If TRUE, the shipping cost for the product will be zero.
IS_PRICE_HIDDENis_price_hiddenYes/NoFALSE by default indicates that this product's price should be shown on the product page. If set to TRUE, the price is hidden. 
  • Note! To successfully set is_price_hidden to TRUE, the availability value must be disabled.

LAYOUT_FILElayout_fileFree textThe layout template file is used to render the product category. This field is writable only for stores with a Blueprint theme applied.
  • MaxLength = 500

META_DESCRIPTIONmeta_descriptionFree textCustom meta description for the product page. If not defined, the default meta description of the store will be used.
META_KEYWORDSmeta_keywordsFree textCustom meta keywords for the product page. If not defined, the default keywords of the store will be used.
MPNmpnFree textManufacturer Part Number
  • MaxLength = 255
OPEN_GRAPH_DESCRIPTIONopen_graph_descriptionFree textDescription to use for the product. If not specified then the meta_description will be used instead.
OPEN_GRAPH_TITLEopen_graph_titleFree textTitle of the product. If not specified the product name will be used instead.
  • MaxLength = 250

OPEN_GRAPH_TYPEopen_graph_typePredefined valuesType of product. The default value is product. Accepted values:
  • product
  • album
  • book
  • drink
  • food
  • game
  • movie
  • song
  • tv_show

OPEN_GRAPH_USE_IMAGEopen_graph_use_imageYes/NoThis flag determines if a product image or an open graph image is used.Yes
ORDER_QUANTITY_MAXIMUMorder_quantity_maximumIntegerThe maximum quantity that the order can contain when purchasing the product.
ORDER_QUANTITY_MINIMUMorder_quantity_minimumIntegerThe minimum quantity that the order must contain to be eligible to purchase this product.
PAGE_TITLEpage_titleFree textA custom title for the product page. If not defined, the product name will be used as the meta title.
  • MaxLength = 250

PRICE_HIDDEN_LABELprice_hidden_labelFree textBy default, an empty string. If is_price_hidden is TRUE, the value of price_hidden_label is displayed instead of the price. 
  • Note! To successfully set a non-empty string value with is_price_hidden set to TRUE, the availability value must be disabled.
  • MaxLength = 200

RETAIL_PRICEretail_priceDecimalThe retail cost of the product. If entered, the retail cost price will be shown on the product page.
SALE_PRICEsale_priceDecimalIf entered, the sale price will be used instead of value in the price field when calculating the product's cost.
SEARCH_KEYWORDSsearch_keywordsFree textA comma-separated list of keywords that can be used to locate the product when searching the store.
SORT_ORDERsort_orderIntegerThe priority to give to this product when included in product lists on category pages and in search results. Lower integers will place the product closer to the top of the results.
Received from BC account
The ID of the tax class applied to the product.
  • Note! The value is ignored if automatic tax is enabled.

TYPEtypePredefined valuesThe product type. Accepted values:
  • Physical: a physical stock unit.
  • Digital: a digital download.
UPCupcFree textThe product UPC code is used in feeds for shopping comparison sites and external channel integrations.
  • MaxLength = 255

WARRANTYwarrantyFree textThis is warranty information that is displayed on the product page. Can include HTML formatting.
WEIGHTweightDecimalWeight of the product, which can be used when calculating shipping costs. This is based on the unit weight set in the store.

NB! V3 specific attributes are available to users migrated over to the BigCommerce V3 listing API. If you are interested in using V3 specific attributes, please contact our Technical Support to be migrated.