Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Amazon.

If you have an EU Amazon integration, Amazon will require an invoice to be attached to every shipped order in Seller Central. Every order needs to be accompanied by an invoice that Amazon keeps hold of. 

In the Amazon integration in Linnworks, you can find settings to make it easy to adapt to this requirement. These settings will behave differently if you have enrolled in Amazon’s VCS (VAT Calculation Service).

What is Amazon VCS? 
Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service tells Amazon to calculate the VAT for your orders. If you're enrolled in this, then you need to tell Linnworks that VCS is enabled. You can do this by ticking Enabled in the VAT/VCS section of your integration (Settings > Channel Integration > Edit channel details > Vat/Tax Calculation Services). 

How does this affect tax calculations in Linnworks? 
Because you have enrolled in VCS, Amazon is calculating the tax on your orders for you, instead of Linnworks making the calculation itself. This is why the Use Channel Tax setting is automatically enabled when you enable VCS.

How does this affect invoices?
If you are enrolled in Amazon VCS, then Amazon will be generating invoices and attaching them to orders for you, so neither you nor Linnworks have to do anything.

What if I don’t want to use Amazon’s invoice design? 
Your customers will be able to see and download this invoice. If you want to use your own design for the template, tick the VCS Self-Invoice Upload option to tell Linnworks to override Amazon’s own invoice design with one from Linnworks Template Designer VCS Templates. You can then choose a VCS template you want Linnworks to upload.

Do I still have to upload invoices if I’m not enrolled in Amazon VCS?
Yes. In order to stay compliant with Amazon’s rules, you will still have to upload a VAT compatible invoice with every order you process.

If you check the Invoice Document Upload option, Linnworks will automatically upload the conditional invoice you have designed in Linnworks for you. Remember to check your Invoice Templates and Printing Conditions before enabling this setting, to make sure you're uploading an appropriate invoice.

Alternatively, you can upload an invoice manually to Amazon directly if you do not want Linnworks to automatically do this for you.