Recently Amazon has requested Linnworks to do internal changes to our current integration due to security reasons. All integrations that will be added from now on will already have these changes applied.

Why it is important to switch to new integration?

With the new integration:

  • Linnworks Developer ID is used for authentication instead of User Developer ID as it was happening previously. 
  • Amazon will receive confirmation that User has given permission for Linnworks to edit their data (including processing and dispatching orders, editing listings, etc)

What about existing integrations?

For already existing Amazon integrations we created an easy way to migrate to the new connection type. To do so, go to Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel > Account


NB! If the Authorise button is not present on any of your Amazon integrations, this means that your sites are already integrated using the latest authorisation methods and no further action is required from your end.

Go through re-authorisation steps:

1. Confirm that you allow Amazon to authorise your Linnworks account:

2. Log into your Amazon seller account. Click the link Authorize Amazon, this will open up a browser and take you to the Amazon Sign-in page, log in using your Amazon credentials and follow the graphical guide below the link. 

3. Confirm that you would like Linnworks app to download orders and listings for you and click Finish.

Now you can check some additional options available with new integration. Description of each setting can be checked in this guide