Since January 8th 2021 all Linnworks users got new navigation in their Linnworks account. Changes simplified and modernised the look and feel.  No functionality has been removed or added. 

Please share your feedback and thoughts using the Submit feedback option in

Side menu

The side menu seen along the left-hand side of your screen will work just like before. The submenu is in a slightly different place, but all items remain in the same order. 

Header bar

Most links within the top header have now moved. Use header bar to access  The Live Chat, Notifications and the User Menu with your account information and settings.

This change has provided more space for the screen tabs to fit on the same line - giving you more area to work.


Sync Status

The Sync details feature is now located on the left-hand side menu at the very bottom. All of the same functionalities of the Sync details are still present.

Support links

The support menu (question mark icon) is now located on the left-hand side menu at the very bottom. All previous options are still present with the addition of Submit Feedback now being accessible here as well.

Here you can:

  • Access the Support Center and your tickets
  • Access Linnworks Documentation
  • Submit feedback about the new design or anything else in Linnworks.
  • What's new links to the log of changes done in Linnworks together with displaying your current Linnworks version next to it.
  • Developer Portal quick-access.
  • System status links to the Linnworks Status Page.

System settings 

Settings relating to your system (Your location, your country, default screen, windows default size, help links display) can now be found by clicking your email in the top right and navigating to Your settings.


  1. How do I change back to the old style? 
    You will not be able to change back to the old style. If you have found something is missing, please feel free to use the Submit Feedback button under the Support menu to let us know.

  2. Why have these changes been made? 
    We wanted to reduce the size of the menus to provide our users with a little extra space in the main window area.
    We also wanted to ensure that users are not feeling overwhelmed by all the links and chose to directly display only the ones used on a regular basis.