Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to eBay.

In summer 2019, eBay introduced a new unique order number format which replaces the old 6-digit sales record number. You can find more information about this change here.

In order to make the change easier for our users, we have implemented an option in Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit Channel > Order which allows you to choose which reference number you would like to see on your orders: 

If enabled, then the old 6-digit Sales Record Number will be displayed on the order in the Channel Reference field in Open Orders.

In all cases, the old 6-digit record will be visible under Order Extended Properties for user reference, whether needed as long as eBay is still providing them.

NB! eBay is planning to continue providing the old reference number for a limited time only - going forward the system will use the new unique order number exclusively.