NB! Updates:

- Specification that the External Reference is the reference that is identical for the new orders and the original

- Order Identifier icon has been added.

- Specifications on cases where eBay changes the reference after payment is received.

To accommodate cases where eBay adds items to combined invoice orders, we are changing the way Linnworks handles these orders. Previously, Linnworks deleted and recreated the orders, however, this was not the most optimal solution.

NB! The change will take effect starting January 21st 2021.

The new method:

When eBay adds a new item to the Combined Invoice order, a new order will be downloaded into Linnworks with the newly added item(s) missing from the original download. The new order will have the same EXTERNAL reference as the previously downloaded order.

Both the new and the original order will also display an entry in the History tab of the order specifying it is part of a Combined Invoice order:


  • The original order entry: Combined order invoice. Order split created <the new order ID>
  • The new order entry: Combined order invoice. Created from <the original order ID>

If you are using the Auto Merge Orders setting in Linnworks (Settings > General Settings > Order Settings > Order Merge), then the new order will be automatically merged with the original.

If you are not using the Auto Merge Orders setting or have already handled the original order to the extent that it cannot be merged (e.g. shipping label/invoice is printed already) then you can either manually merge the orders or ship them separately.

Unpaid orders with new references

On eBay, when an order is unpaid, then the reference for it may change when it becomes a combined invoice order and receives payment. Previously Linnworks would delete the old orders when the references had changed, which caused some issues during certain actions or tracking Linnworks order IDs

With the new method:

When Linnworks downloads an unpaid eBay order, which later turns into a Combined Invoice order on eBay and receives a payment, the original Linnworks ID is "Archived" i.e. it is moved to processed orders, but remains unpaid and does not affect stock levels. The new and paid order with the new reference will contain all the details and items from all needed orders.


Linnworks downloads 2 orders:

1. eBay order 1 - unpaid - contains item A

2. eBay order 2 - unpaid - contains item B

3. Buyer pays on eBay resulting in order 1 and order 2 getting combined into Order 3 containing items A and B.

4. Linnworks archives Order 1 and Order 2 as unpaid orders, no stock is deducted. Order 3 - paid - containing item A and item B is created.

Order Identifier

To make identifying the new Combined Invoice additional orders easier and provide users that are not using Auto Merge Orders setting a method to use Rules Engine and filters for these orders, we have also added a special Order Identifier to them.

The name of the Order Identifier is eBay Combined Order Split and it will appear both on the original and the new order with the newly added items. 

This Order Identifier enables you to sort/filter any Combined Invoice Orders either via Rules Engine:

Or by using the filtering options in the Open Orders screen:

Feel free to contact our Technical Support by raising a ticket in Support Center whether you have any further questions on the matter.