If you move goods to or from Northern Ireland, starting from 1st of January 2021 you’ll need an EORI number that starts with XI, which will need to be included on the Commercial Invoice. 

NB! Due to changing Brexit requirements for shipments sent to and from Northern Ireland, some couriers do not currently require the customs data and it will be ignored in the label request. Examples include Royal Mail, DPD UK/Local, Parcelforce.

As all direct shipping integrations can only have one EORI number in the integration config (main EORI number starting with GB), there is an option to overwrite that value with a different EORI number based on certain criteria. You will need to create a new rule for Rules Engine to be able to do so.

How to auto-assign XI EORI number via Rules Engine:

1. Proceed to Linnworks.net > Orders > Rules Engine > click +Add new rule and assign a Rule Name > Click Create > Click Yes to edit the rule.

2. Click + Add new button to set the Rule conditions.

3. Add a name to the condition and the following 2 conditions:

- Shipping country equals United Kingdom

- Postal code matches (regex) ^BT[0-9]{1,2}[\s]*([\d][A-Za-z]{2})$

Note: the expression can be copied from this document.

4. Save the condition > click + Add new > select Action:

5. Choose the Assign order extended property action type and fill in the fields:

  • Type: Attribute
  • Name: SenderEORINumber
  • Value: your XI EORI number

Save action.

Note: SenderEORINumber property may not be available for all integrations. Please open the Properties tab via Linnworks.net > Shipping for the integration you wish to assign it for and check whether the respective property is present under Order Property Mapping:

6. Save the rule and enable it.

Any new order that will match the criteria will now have the Order Property assigned to it with the XI EORI number.

NB! if you need to assign XI EORI number only for a particular shipping courier, or the name of the Order Extended Property is different for the courier you need to add it for, then please either add an additional condition (specifying the courier name or service name) or please change the Name of the property in the Action to the correct one.

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