Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to eBay.

eBay has implemented logging eBay Virtual Tracking Numbers (eVTN) on orders, storing them on the second address line on each order. The eVTN is expected to be submitted to certain couriers when a label is printed. Please see here for further details on eVTN from eBay.

In Linnworks, we have had to release an update to support the eVTN codes while maintaining some other Linnworks functions after having discussed the matter with eBay directly.

Linnworks will be removing the eVTN from Address line 2 and storing it on the orders as Extended Properties:

Furthermore, we are currently working on Linnworks starting to submit eVTN automatically to any Courier Integrations that expect this, when printing the shipping labels via Linnworks, in cooperation with the respective couriers.

NB! Currently, when two eBay orders are merged in Linnworks, the eVTNs will not be copied over to the merged order. Whether you need the eVTNs for the original orders, they will be available under the Extended Properties of the original orders. 

The above matter is being looked at an will be handled by our team going further to add both eVTNs on the merged order. In case of merged orders, only one of the codes will be submitted to the courier during shipping label printing as well.

Our users will not have to do any further steps to apply this update or enable any settings. These will be set up automatically within your system.

However, please be aware that until the changes have fully been finalized, the eVTN is stored as part of the buyer's address as instructed by eBay initially. We have been assured that this will not affect any shipments, but it may stop your eBay orders from being merged in Linnworks until the updates are finalized.

Whether you have any further issues related to this or questions on the matter for specifically on how Linnworks will handle it going further, then feel free to get in touch with us via any of our Support lines.