Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Magento 1 and 2.

In cases where you would need to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 while using Linnworks, the process for handling the inventory, listings and orders, etc basics, the process would be the same as it would be in any case of adding a new integration.

Magento 1 and 2 are different platforms when it comes to connectivity with Linnworks, so there would unfortunately not be a way to "copy" over all of the setups you have for Magento 1 over to a Magento 2 integration.

You would need to add a new integration, but this time using the Magento 2 Channel Integration option. Full details on adding the integration are available here.

Any existing Magento 1 listings, whether created via Linnworks or not, could not be carried over with full control. You can either use the Inventory Mapping function to connect the Channel SKUs to Linnworks inventory for stock level and price changes, or create appropriate Magento 2 configurators and recreate/relist the listings as new from Linnworks.

Details on Inventory Mapping are available here and this documentation page provides information about Magento 2 configurators.

Adding the Magento 2 integration

The main obstacle you may come across is with adding the integration itself if you are retaining the exact same URLs for M1 and M2 sites since Linnworks will not allow you to add two Magento integrations using the same URL regardless of whether they are different Magento versions or not. 

Our suggested solution for this case depends on which scenario you are using during your migration:

Scenario 1:

You have already finished the migration from M1 to M2. Your M1 site is not functional and needed any longer, but you have not added a M2 integration to Linnworks yet.

In order to avoid receiving errors when attempting to add the M2 integration, delete the M1 integration from Linnworks first and you can add the M2 integration with the same URL by using the steps provided here.

Scenario 2:

Your M1 site is still functioning and the integration in LW is active in order to keep up to date with the orders and stock levels, while you set up the M2 site. You have a M2 staging site set up with a temporary back-end URL that you will be later changing.

You can integrate your M2 staging site with the temporary URL using the steps provided here. Once you are ready to make the switch fully, delete the M1 integration from Linnworks and use reauthorization (as given here) to change the URL for the M2 integration and re-establish the connection.

The URL will also be updated on any configurators and listings created with the staging URL to keep them functioning with the new URL.