There are numerous different Courier integrations available for as native Linnworks integrations and as 3rd party integrations by Linnworks developers (technical support provided by Linnworks support) as well as other 3rd party developments (assistance, information and technical support provided by the respective developer).

Each integration has its' own prerequisites, configuration options and requirements and rules and guidelines.

To make sure that your setup is correct for the Shipping Integration to work seamlessly with, please be sure to always check the respective documentation for the Shipping Integration you are adding to your account.

Here is a list of all available Courier Integrations.

Each Courier Integration page provides details on the available features and options and guidelines for adding and configuring the integration and services.

NB! Please note that for integrations created by 3rd parties, the only details available by Linnworks are given in the abovementioned documentation. In case of any further questions and/or technical issues, please contact the respective developer directly.


3rd party supported Courier Integration documentation will always be marked accordingly and provide the contact for the respective developer: