BigCommerce has released a new API, which requires your Channel credentials to be saved and stored in a new way to be compatible with the new API calls. 

For your BC channel integration to be compatible with the new API calls, you will need to migrate your BC channel to the new APIs:

1. Go to Settings > Channel Integration > Edit channel details > Migrate

NB! If you do not see a Migrate button on your Channel settings screen, then your channel integration is already compatible with the new APIs.

    2. After clicking Migrate  the following popup will appear:

3. Click on Go to BigCommerce and follow the steps on the popup to navigate to the Apps section on BC backend (Apps > Search ‘Linnworks’ > Install).

4. After the installation, there will be a prompt to redirect back to Linnworks to finish the migration and the following popup will appear (Please read the messages on the popup very carefully):

NB! As per the message highlighted above: if you are migrating an existing channel, you need to enter the exact name of the existing channel. If you alter this, it will create a completely new integration and cause problems in your system.

The system will automatically enter the correct name in the box already if your originally entered site URL was your BigCommerce backend URL. Once you have authorized the website name properly it will be auto-filled for any future reauthorizations.

5. After these steps are completed, the migration should be successful. You can confirm this by closing and reopening the Edit channel details screen and the Migrate button will no longer be there. 

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will doing these steps cause disruption with order downloads or cause any duplication?

A: No, it will be a seamless transition if the steps above are followed exactly. Issues will only occur if you have not entered the exact existing channel name.

Q: I already have a Linnworks app installed on BigCommerce backend. Do I have to delete and readd it? Will this break anything on my channel integration?

A: Yes, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app on BigCommerce backend. It will not cause any disturbance with the existing integration, if you follow the migration steps exactly.

Q: What if I enter a different website name that does not match my current SubSource?

A: A new channel integration will appear and this can cause a great deal of issues if enabled e.g. duplicate orders, unlinked items, incorrect stock levels.

If you do this by mistake, you will need to delete the newly added duplicate channel and go back to BigCommerce backend, uninstall the Linnworks app and start the migration process again. 

Q: I only use Desktop, not - what do I do?

A: The migration will need to be done in and then you can use LW Desktop as you normally would.

Q: What exactly changes if I choose to migrate? 

A: Nothing changes for you on the surface or for you channel settings. In both BigCommerce and Linnworks the only updates are done in the backend - the new API calls require your integration credentials to be stored in a new way to allow the calls to be made. Migration does the needed updates and makes your integration compatible with the new API.