It is particularly useful to enable PIN login to Linnworks Mobile if the handheld device is being shared among staff in the warehouse. Instead of the user being forced to enter their email and password every time they need need to use the device, the user can login using a 4 digit PIN instead. This adds additional layer of security as the current session will be frozen out every time the device is screenlocked and when activated the PIN needs to be entered to confirm the identity of the user. 

After the initial installation of Linnworks Mobile on the device, the wizard will prompt a question whether you are the only user of the device. Answering NO will enable PIN login mode of the application.

NOTE: Your device must be screen lock protected for this feature to work. The PINs, usernames and passwords are stored on your device secure storage space which is natively encrypted by the device. The secure storage requires Screen Locking to be enabled. If your device is not Screen Lock protected you will see a message "Your device is not secure. Enable your device Screen Lock (Settings > Screen Lock) with PIN, fingerprint or swipe pattern security to enable application autologin. 

No everytime the new user logs in to Linnworks Mobile, the application will prompt for new PIN to be created for the purpose of quick login. 

If you accidentally answered you are the only user of the device and want to revert to multiuser PIN enabled login, uninstall Linnworks Mobile on the device and install it again. 

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