Linnworks Mobile is designed to work with built in scanner in your handheld device. This is physical laser barcode scanner (not camera based). The barcode scanner on your device should be configured in a particular way to work in Linnworks Mobile. While most makes and models will come with scanner preconfigured in a way Linnworks Mobile can detect the scanned entry, some may need a little tinkering. 

Essentially the barcode should be configured to scan as Keystroke Input and send ENTER at the end of the scan. Different handheld devices have different configuration software where you will need to adjust these settings. 

Below is the list of device specific instructions:

Zebra Android based device (with DataWedge)

Generic IPDA

If you can't get your device to scan properly, please feel free to contact tech support - we will be more than happy to remote in and figure out how to configure your scanner. If we don't have instructions for your specific device and you have figured it out yourself, please send the instructions to us - be a human - share the knowledge.