The customer has left a note on the order asking to leave the parcel in a specific place and you would like to add this note to the shipping label.


In order to print this note, you will need to add a 'DN:' prefix to the order note in Linnworks.

NB! If you are using Legacy Desktop to print Shipping Labels for your orders, then please note that the Delivery Notes function is only supported when printing from

1. Proceed to Orders > Open Orders > right-click/Actions > Other Actions > View Order Notes (in old Open Orders: Action > Edit Order Notes).

2. Add DN: before the actual order note and save changes:

3. Print the shipping label

NB! Only the following Shipping Couriers will support printing delivery notes on the label with the respective maximum note lengths:

  • Parcelforce - 25 characters
  • Royal Mail - 120 characters
  • UK Mail - 60 characters
  • DPD UK - 50 characters
  • DPD Local - 50 characters
  • APC - 255 characters

Also, the delivery note will be passed to FedEx with the API call, when requesting the label, but the note will not be printed on the label itself.

Royal Mail also supports the safeplace message that can be printed on Royal Mail Tracked/OBA shipping label with the safeplace logo. This note will also be sent to Royal Mail with all the other consignment data.

The note needs to be added as internal order note in this format: DN:SL: 

Any text afterwards will be used for a safeplace location. 

Example: DN:SL: Back door.

DN: format for Royal Mail can be used as well. This will print a note on a label, but without safeplace logo and it won't be sent to Royal Mail electronically.