An error is returned when attempting to print DPD labels that: 

- Tariff Code and Country of Manufacture are missing

- Vat Number is missing

Solution 1 (Tariff Code and Country of Manufacture missing)

There are 2 mandatory extended properties that need to be added to the order items for orders going through customs (for outside EU countries): Tariff Code and Country of Manufacture.

These can be added manually to inventory items or imported in bulk.

The name of the extended property can be checked or re-mapped via > Shipping > Integrations > DPD > Properties. 

  • If inventory items already have an extended property containing the Tariff code and the Country of manufacture, please choose the name of that property from the available drop-down option and save changes. 
  • If the properties do not exist yet, please follow the guide below.

Adding extended properties manually to an order item.

This can be done from My Inventory screen. Find the SKU in question and open Item Details > Extended Properties > Add new:

Add an extended property for the Country of Manufacture (Name: CountryOfOrigin or your own unique name which will be mapped in DPD properties) and one containing the Tariff Code (Name: HSTariffCode or your own unique name which will be mapped in DPD properties) > Save changes.

Importing extended properties in bulk to inventory items.

1) You need to prepare a CSV file containing all the required data. If you don't have a CSV file with all your SKUs, then you can easily export it from Dashboards > Query Data > Stock Items (no levels). You can delete all other columns except for SKU column. Then, add HSTariffCode and CountryOfOrigin columns to your file. You can use a different name for these columns if you wish, as you can map them in the system afterwards.

2) You can create a new import in Settings > Import Data > Import Now. For importing new extended properties you need to use the Inventory Import. Columns that contain your attributes need to be mapped with 'Item Extended Property' variable from the drop-down menu. The name of the header will be the name of your property, and the Property type needs to be Attribute (these will be set automatically). Once imported, these properties will appear on your stock items in the Extended Properties tab.

3) Under the Item Extended Property column in > Shipping > Integrations > DPD > Properties select the name of the property that has been imported or keep it as it is if the same names have been used.

Additional details

- You may also include FabricContent extended property if you wish to specify the material/fabric the inventory item was made from (mandatory for some shipments) and the TypeDescription property, which will be used instead of the Item Title and will be a very short description (limited to 40 characters) of what the actual item is that is being shipped (for example 'Stationary', or 'T-shirt')

- If you wish to specify the Reason for Export as either 01 - Sale, 02 - Return / Replacement or 03 - Gift, you will need to use an Order Extended property called 'InvoiceExportReason':

Please note! If no extended property is added to the order, 01 - Sale will be submitted to DPD by default when requesting the shipping label.

If you wish to specify a different value, please add the Order property with type 'Attribute' and Value either 02 or 03:

Order Properties can either be added manually or automatically using Rules Engine.

Solution 2 (VAT Number missing)

VAT Number will need to be added in > Shipping > Integrations > DPD > Config > Commercial Invoice > VAT Number:

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