You may occasionally receive below error message when filing shipping manifest or printing a shipping label for Royal:

'Unable to verify Royal Mail Account. Please contact your Royal Mail account manager'  

The error is indicating that the account has been Suspended.


Please get in touch with Royal Mail Finance department or your account manager to confirm if there is any outstanding paperwork that needs to be handed in or if there are any other issues with the account.

As soon as Royal Mail confirms the account is active again, you may try to print a shipping label, or you may try to file the manifest once more to check if the error is still returned.

Please note! It may take up to 72 hours for the account to fully get restored starting from the moment Royal Mail confirm there are no more issues. If it has been less than 72 hours, you may still see the 'Unable to verify Royal Mail account' error being returned from Royal Mail API. You may need to wait a bit longer and try printing a label/filing the manifest at a later stage.

If a different error message will then be returned, please check what is required, or contact Linnworks Support for further assistance.