Some channels (like Amazon) allow defining a SubSource name manually when creating a channel, but for eBay, the SubSource name will be set automatically as the eBay user ID entered during integration.

(Previously the system added all eBay integrations as EBAY* where * is a sequence number starting from 1. This logic was changed as per this announcement.)

It is not possible to change the name of the channel after it gets integrated into Linnworks. When a channel gets created in Linnworks for the first time, multiple internal tables are involved, and allowing a SubSource name to be changed can cause serious issues with the connection between the channel and Linnworks.


The only way around this would be to re-integrate the channel, however, it is not recommended due to several reasons:

  • By re-integrating the channel you will lose the connection with the listings, and you will only be able to update their stock levels and prices after they are linked. All channel configurators will become obsolete.

  • Duplicate orders can be downloaded. Here is what can happen:
  • There are some unprocessed orders on the channel that are already downloaded to Linnworks.
  • Integration is deleted and added with the new name.
  • Linnworks will check if there are any open orders for this integration.
  • Since the SubSource is different, it will consider unprocessed orders on the channel as different orders and will download them again. As a result, there might be the same order in the system with different SubSources.


If you need to change a site name or move from HTTP to HTTPS, the URL that was provided in the integration will be incorrect. 

To fix it, after the change has been made on your Magento back-end, go to Settings > Channel integration > Edit channel settings > click Test. 

It will show an error for this channel and direct to reintegration wizard, where you will be able to change the URL.

NB! The URL used for a Magento channel integration needs to be unique regardless of the version of Magento you are using i.e. you cannot have a Magento 1 integration and a Magento 2 integration with the exact same URLs.