If a token expires and no new token is generated, Linnworks will be unable to make API calls in that user's name. This has no effect on the user's eBay account, only on Linnworks' ability to interact with eBay. For example, it will not be possible for the system to download new orders or create new listings. Once a new token has been generated, the system will be able to make function calls on the user's behalf again.  

There are several reasons why token can get expired:

  • eBay tokens expire after 18 months
  • eBay revokes a token due to security reasons or a change in account details (password, business name, address, etc)
  • User revokes the token

If a token is expired, there will be an error message that can be seen in several parts of the system:

  • eBay Automation Logs
  • Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel > Test
  • When creating a listing

eBay Error (932): Auth token expired, User needs to generate a new token for this application

The solution to fixing this issue

- In Linnworks, go to Settings -> Channel Integration > Edit channel details > click Re-authorize

- The system will prompt you that it cannot authenticate the account and offer you to re-authorise

- Agree to re-authorization

- Go through the authorization eBay Channel Reintegration Wizard. It will help you generate a new token(s) on eBay, so you can continue working with your eBay account. Please note, you will be asked to sign in twice, to support multiple token versions. 

- Once the above steps are done, your authentication token(s) are renewed. Click Test to confirm.

In some cases, eBay API token needs to be revoked on the user's My eBay page and then re-created via Linnworks.

Here are the steps to revoke a token:

- Log in to eBay

- Go to My eBay

- Under My Account, Click on Site Preferences

- On the Site Preferences page, look for Third-party authorizations

- Select the Application for which you want to revoke the token - LINN SYSTEMS LTD

- Click Apply

After this is done, you will need to go to Settings -> Channel Integration -> Edit channel details in Linnworks.net and click on 'Test', which will prompt you with a message that the eBay Authorization token has been expired and needs to be re-created. 

Follow the on-screen instructions to re-create the token and click on "Test" again to make sure that the token has been re-created successfully.