I am printing shipping labels with Royal Mail 2D barcodes, how can I use these to confirm delivery?


There is an online service to Track and Trace the delivery of an item when using 2D barcoded labels with Royal Mail:

Linnworks records either the 'Eye-readable' 2D barcode or the actual tracking number in the order tracking number field once a Royal Mail label has been printed from Linnworks. This is recorded depending on the selected shipping service as detailed below.

Royal Mail OBA

  • For non tracked services Linnworks records the "Eye-readable" form of the 2D barcode
  • For recorded services Linnworks records the Royal Mail tracking code

Royal Mail Tracked

  • For all services Linnworks records the Royal Mail tracking code

To have 2D confirmation code saved in the tracking number field of an order and subsequently submitted to sales channels (if the Despatch Notes option is enabled)

it should be enabled in Shipping > Integrations > Services > Edit


  • Search either Open Orders or Processed Orders for the required order by Order ID / Reference Number / Name / etc
  • Copy the value in the Tracking number field
  • Go to Royal Mail Track and Trace
  • Enter the Tracking / 2D barcode number you have copied from Linnworks

Note: Although Royal Mail are providing 2D barcodes, not all services have the ability to track and trace them implemented by Royal Mail yet.

Currently Royal Mail Delivery Confirmation will only work for domestic services (within UK), for the following services:

  • RM 24/48 (CRL) services with Parcel and Large Letter packaging
  • 1st/2nd class (STL) services and BPL services only with Parcel packaging

Please note! 2D barcode is available for 45 days, after which it would get archived and no longer visible in the system. In order to retrieve the original 2D barcode, please contact our Support.

Reprinting a label for the order after 45 days will cause a new consignment to get generated, thus it will appear in the shipping manifest screen. Please refrain from doing so, unless a new label is actually required.