"Failed to validate shipping address and/or service with DPD. Please check the following: 1.Review Postcode and shipping address. 2.Check that shipping service assigned can ship to this destination" error is returned when printing a DPD or DPD Local label (actual error from DPD is Error code 1021: Service Denied) 


This error can be caused by 3 scenarios, so please check them one by one:

1) Postcode of the order is not correct. Please review the full address and confirm that the postcode is entered correctly, e.g. no extra symbols, characters, or numbers instead of letters and vice versa (0 zero instead of letter O). Adjust the postcode if necessary and try printing again.

2) Double check that the service selected can be used to ship to the destination, e.g orders going to UK will use a domestic service, not a global one.

Please note! Ireland is treated as a domestic destination, rather than a global one. Please use services such as 'Parcel - Two Day', or 'ExpressPak - Next Day' to print the label. Alternatively you may also use 'DPD DIRECT ROI' service.

3) If both of the above have been checked, the error may indicate that the service code you are using may not be enabled on your DPD account. You will need to contact DPD to ensure this service is activated.