Please note this is a channel-specific article only applicable to Magento 1.

Magento indexes most of the data in order to access it faster. When any changes are made to the store such as updating some of the products, re-indexing the data need to be performed so that the changes can show up on the front-end.

In Linnworks this option is enabled by default in Settings > Channel Integrations > Edit channel details > Inventory > Perform Reindex when creating listings.

Disabling this option may decrease listing creation time, as no re-index will take place on Magento after listings are created, and listings will be submitted to Magento faster. However, once the listings are processed, you will need to re-index your Magento - it can be done manually from the Magento backend.

In order to re-index the products catalogue data:

  1. Go to Magento Admin Back-end > System > Index Management;
  2. Select all elements;
  3. Choose the Reindex Data action;
  4. Click the Submit button.