I have tried printing a (New) Amazon Shipping label and am seeing an error returned:

This order is not from a valid marketplace.


This error is being returned because the order downloaded from an Amazon Subsource differs from the one specified in the shipping integration (based on the postal service assigned to the order).

Each (New) Amazon Shipping integration can only be linked to one Amazon channel integration/Amazon SubSource. You can check which Subsource your shipping integration is linked with in Shipping > Integrations > (New) Amazon Shipping > Config: 

Please check your order Subsource in Orders > Open Orders > View Order screen and verify that the shipping integration, which the Linnworks postal service on the order is linked with, and channel integration have the same Selling Partner ID.

If you don't have the (New) Amazon Shipping integration added for the SubSource from the order you are trying to print, you will need to add a new integration and link it to the respective SoubSource/Selling Partner ID.

If the Amazon SubSource on the order has already been added to (New) Amazon Shipping, simply ensure that the correct postal service will be assigned to the order in question. If you open Shipping > Integrations > Services - you will see which service name is linked to which Amazon Shipping integration. To avoid any confusion, we recommend changing the Postal Service name and including the SubSource in it, so that it would be visible straight away where this service can be used.

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