I have tried printing a UPS shipping label and am seeing an error returned:

Missing or invalid shipper number.


The following error is returned due to the payment profile missing for the UPS integration. A payment profile is created when the UPS integration is first added to Linnworks, taking into consideration that data and invoice information were inserted correctly during the registration stage.

In order to resolve it, please follow these steps:

The existing UPS integration should be deleted and added from scratch into Shipping > Integrations. This step is mandatory, as the payment profile was not created during the first registration attempt. Second registration attempt should re-send details to UPS and attempt to create a payment profile once more. When adding a new UPS integration, take the following into consideration: 

- Account Name (which will be visible under Account ID in Shipping > Integrations) would need to be different from the previous one. This is obligatory, Account ID is being checked during the integration process and allows UPS to generate payment profile properly. 

- Invoice information in Invoice Authentication section should be entered during the integration stage. This includes the Invoice Number, Invoice Amount, and Invoice Date exactly the same way how it is specified on the invoice. Control ID only needs to be provided if present on the invoice, otherwise would need to be left blank.

2. If an error message will be returned again, please contact Technical Support and provide a UPS invoice (Shipper Number, Invoice Number, Invoice Amount, and Invoice Date should be clearly visible) and screenshots with address data from the following sections on UPS website:

  • Accounts and Payment > Actions > Edit > Location Address
  • Addresses > My Addresses

Additional information

Add UPS and Invoice data