What is changing

The paperwork that is produced at the end of the day for Royal Mail OBA and Royal Mail Tracked integrations will have a different layout as of 17th of January 2023

Some elements have been added to or moved around the Sales order summary document in accordance with the Royal Mail documentation requirements. For example the 'Manifest Sequence Number' will display a value starting with '3PI21', which will be a unique identifier for Linnworks and followed by a 5-digit manifest sequence number, and will no longer display the Sales Order Number there. However, sales order number will be recorded as the Manifest Reference like before. The new layout has been reviewed and approved by Royal Mail, so they are aware of the change in the design.

All mandatory elements will appear on the paperwork same as before. This update will have no impact on the data that is submitted electronically to Royal Mail when the manifest is filed.

Please note! There are no changes required to be done by users, the layout will be updated automatically. 

Sample file for the new design