I have tried printing a  (New) Amazon Shipping label and am seeing an error returned:

The shipping service that you are trying to use for this shipment is not available on Amazon. Service: *****. Ineligibility Reasons: It is not an eligible ship method for this order.


When requesting a shipping label, there is a Rates request sent to Amazon to obtain all available services from Amazon Seller Central (Seller Central > Orders > Manage orders > Find the order > Order details > Buy Shipping) for the particular order and there may be several reasons why the requested service is not coming up as an available one.

Please review all of the steps below to ensure that Linnworks would display the same service as being returned on Seller Central:

1. Dimensions and weight need to be identical in Linnworks and Seller Central.

2. In Shipping > Integrations > (New) Amazon Shipping > Config ensure that all entries have been removed from the Optional Collection Times fields to allow Amazon to calculate the closest collection times automatically based on the printing time. This will help Amazon with ensuring that the Delivery Promise is kept to the buyer.

3. In Shipping > Integrations > (New) Amazon Shipping > Quotes make sure the 'Quote only for added services' is disabled.