DPD is not accepting the VAT/EORI number for my international shipments even though it was provided in the DPD integration


While it was previously acceptable to provide a VAT number in the VAT/EORI number field, we have just received a confirmation from DPD that only a valid Sender's EORI number should be entered there. 

GB EORI numbers will start with GB and have 12 additional characters (when shipping from Northern Ireland it will start with XI) and it is very important that the full 12 digit EORI is provided.

How to fix this:

The value needs to be amended via > Shipping > Integrations > DPD > Config > Commercial Invoice section: EORI Number

This change will only affect any newly printed labels.

Please note: EORI number is required for all International shipments as well as those going to Northern Ireland/Channel Islands.