When reprinting a label either from the Open Orders or Processed Orders screen, you may come across the following error:

GetConsignment: Package 0 has changed.

This error usually occurs for the following reasons:

  1. The dimensions on the order were changed after the label was originally printed.
  2. The weight on the order was changed after the label was originally printed.
  3. One or more SKUs were deleted/changed on the order after the label was originally printed.
  4. If you have access to Legacy Desktop, and the original shipping label was printed using Desktop, but you are reprinting from Linnworks.net and your Packaging Assignment method differs from Desktop methods i.e. the calculations used on the order are different.

You can check the dimensions, weight and SKUs at the time of the first print on the manifest (Shipping > Shipping Manifests > View > View > Packages or under Filed Manifests > find the manifest > View > Packages).

If the order is an Open Order you can either edit the details to match the original print to reprint the label or cancel the label to print a new one with the new details.

If the order is already processed, then to print a label matching the new details, you will need to cancel the label and reprint it from the processed orders screen. Note that this will create a new consignment as well.

If you need the original label for the processed order, you will need to contact our Technical Support team for our Shipping Team to access the original label in our databases.