A customer would like to send an item back and I would like to provide them with a prepaid Royal Mail Tracked return label.


If you receive more than 20 returns a week Royal Mail provides an online portal where your customer can quickly be provided with a Tracked Return label that is associated with your Royal Mail account. This article details the processes for setting this up with Royal Mail along with automating how to provide your customer with the details they need to create the label.

How to get onboard with Royal Mail Tracked Returns

The Royal Mail Tracked Returns® service provides visibility and control over your returns process and enhances the experience for your customers too – making them more likely to buy from you again. With this service, customers can print a label at home, at their local Post Office® branch or at over 1,200 Customer Service Points across the UK. To find out about using this service please read their guide here.

How to provide your customer with details on how to generate the return label

Our recommendation is that this process is managed via the returns booking option within Linnworks which can automatically send an email to your customer including all the details that are important to allow you to efficiently manage the return for them.

1) A Return Booking email template should be used as the method for informing the client that you are expecting their return and letting them know how to create the Return Label along with any information they should include when sending the item back, such as the Linnworks Order ID or the RMA ID. 

- Follow instructions on how to set up a new template along with adding conditions for the email to be sent.

- In the email, the body provides a link, where the customer will be able to generate the Returns label. For this you have 2 options:

2) Create a Return Booking.

- Proceed to Processed Orders screen and locate the order. Right-click on it and select Action > Returns, Exchanges & Resends > + Add RMA > Return.

- Fill in the details and click Add Return > Book > Close.

- The email will be sent automatically. 

- Once the item is returned to you, action the Return Booking from Orders > Returns & RefundsLocate the order > View/Action