To integrate FedEx US account you need to send sample labels for verification to FedEx. Sample labels can be printed from Linnworks using test account credentials.

In order to obtain test account credentials please do the following:

1. Login to > click FedEx Web Services > Develop and Test.

2. Click "Get your test key".

3. Complete the application form. 

After completing the form you will be given some account test information:

  • Test API Access Key
  • Test Password
  • Test Meter Number
  • Test Account Number

FedEx will email you the Test Password separately along with all the instructions where to send test labels. This email will also contain WIS Cover Sheet that you need to fill. 

Once you have test account credentials you can add test integration in Linnworks by following this guide:
Please note that test integration can be added only if Account Name entered at first step is *TEST* (including *).

After completing the integration you can add the services that you want to use. FedEx requires a copy of a label for each service that you are planning to use. Please generate labels in PDF format and send to FedEx along with filled WIS Cover Sheet to the following email address:

Express labels:

Ground labels:

Smart Post labels: ;

After FedEx team confirms the labels they will provide you with production details that can be used to create new integration.