Note: Pickwave features may be needed on Linnworks plan to access Pickwave functionality.

For full details on Linnworks Mobile, Pickwaves, and Totes, please see here. For more related solution articles, have a look at the Linnworks Mobile folder here.

Linnworks Mobile Despatch screen includes a 2-stage Lock-In Search option based on Pickwave or Tote ID. This search option is enabled to all users by default but can be disabled per user in Settings.

Entering a Pickwave or Tote ID in the search field will lock in the search result limiting any subsequent searches and scans to orders within only the locked in Pickwave or Tote. Clicking on the locked in Pickwave or Tote ID on the header will display all orders within that Pickwave or Tote. To clear the locked in Pickwave or Tote, click on the "X" on the header next to the ID.

Every user will get a notification about the search term being locked in when using this for the first time. The message will only pop up until it gets dismissed by the user. The message can be re-enabled by the user in Settings.