Everyone that uses Linnworks will be required to log in using their own unique user account. An account consists of a username (email address) and a password. A single Linnworks system can have multiple users, and each user can be granted access to multiple Linnworks systems.

Every Linnworks system is controlled by the Account Holder user that has all permissions and Admin users that can have access to all features in Linnworks apart from e.g. Subscription changes reserved for Account Holders.

Users and their permissions can be added, removed and edited in Settings > User Management. Full details for the User Management screen are available here.

By default, there are two ways of assigning permissions available:

  1. Setting users as Admin users i.e. granting them access to all Linnworks features that are not reserved for Account Holders e.g. Subscription changes.

  2. Selecting specific permissions for the user in the Permissions tree by clicking on the Edit icon.

For Linnworks Advanced and higher Subscription plans, there are additional options for setting User-specific and/or creating Group permissions. Full details on how to use both are available in the User Management documentation pages.