There are two ways you can use handheld barcode scanners with Linnworks: 

Simple input device - any barcode scanner can do this job, from a simple USB scanner with no settings or screen, to very sophisticated and expensive wireless scanners. This method allows the scanner to work like a keyboard or a mouse: when you scan the barcode, it is transformed into text and inserted at your cursor's position. You can test it by opening a text document (notepad) on your computer and then scanning any barcode - the barcode will be inserted into the document as text/numbers. In Linnworks, it works the same way: you click the field where you want the barcode to be inserted and scan the barcode. 

In order to start using this method, you just need to connect the scanner to your computer, have it install the necessary drivers so the computer would recognize it as an input method, and you are ready to start scanning. This method can speed up order processing and help avoid mistakes with shipping incorrect items with the use of despatch console, as well as assist with booking stock in.

Linnworks Mobile - handheld scanners with Android OS are compatible with Linnworks Mobile. Linnworks Mobile can be used to assist in multiple Linnworks processes, including order processing, stock in, stock count, etc. All actions made in Linnworks Mobile will also be reflected on your account.

Scanners with Android 6 or up can be used with the native application available in Google Play StoreScanners with a lower Android version can be used to log into the browser version of Linnworks Mobile at

Full details on Linnworks Mobile, its uses and available features can be found in our main documentation page here.

USB scales

USB scales can be used in Linnworks similarly to scanners using the simple input device method. 

1. Plug the device in and make sure all necessary drivers are installed.

2. Highlight the field the weight entry should be added.

3. Like with a barcode scanner, use the scale as an input device i.e. weigh the item and use any buttons etc needed on the scale itself for entry.

USB scales can be used for input in most places requiring the weight inputs e.g. Product Details or the Process Order screen.