By default, Linnworks Mobile Stock In screen, allows booking stock against a PO over the quantity on the purchase order. For example if you have 10 on order in Purchase Order, you can book 12, in which case all 12 will be added to stock. In case of WMS location all 12 will be added to the same batch, linked to the actual PO. However, in the audit trail, there will be a clear distinction of 10 against a PO and 2 as Stock In. And in a location without WMS enabled the stock will just increase by 12, the audit trail will still indicate the distinction of 10 against a PO and 2 as Stock In.

Stock Movement report will have 10 and 2 in separate measures. 10 in Fully or Partially Delivered and 2 as Adjustment Quantity. Worth noting that Inventory History cube in Pivotal Analytics breaks these numbers even further as Direct Stock In. 

You can prevent overbooking by disabling the option in Linnworks

  • In Linnworks 
  • General Settings
  • Linnworks Mobile 
  • Disable Allow Overbooking of PO in Stock In Settings

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