Note: Applies to non-WMS location where a product is configured to be batched by Priority Sequence. In roundabout ways achieves FIFO in non-WMS location. In WMS with FIFO enabled, the priority sequence is automatically assigned and transferred between different binracks. You don't need to worry about Priority Sequence maintenance when your location is WMS enabled. 

In Linnworks a SKU can be set to be batched and Ordered By Priority Sequence, this is a roundabout way to achieve FIFO across all locations for a particular SKU and coincidentally. An important point to make, this is not intended to be used as a substitute for WMS as this sets the SKU to be batched across all locations and cumbersome to work with at a larger scale (when you have more than let's say 50 SKUs that need to be tracked in multiple locations, in batches). Nevertheless the functionality is there for certain useful use cases and when we are booking stock in we have to specify the batch number and priority sequence at the point of adding stock in. 

When an item is being booked in, the Stock In screen will prompt the user to enter new batch information or select from existing. Since batches can be allocated to different binracks, we can specify the binrack where the batch will be stored. Or select from existing batch and from a list of existing binrack. Note, because this is not a WMS location, binracks are essentially a free text and have no workflow impact or any impact as such other than being a textual label for where the batch is located.