Linnworks Mobile Stock In screen allows us to quickly and efficiently to book stock in against a Purchase Order. Once all items have been delivered the entire PO will be marked as delivered.

  • In Linnworks Mobile, go to Stock In 
  • Click on the From PO tab
  • Here all Purchase Orders in Open and Partially Delivered state will be listed
  • Click on the PO to list all SKUs on order from a supplier
  • You can scan/enter a SKU, product identifier or a barcode of the product to bring up the SKU to book in.
  • Enter quantity, tally or scan barcodes to count the number of items being booked in.
  • Select a different binrack where the products will be taken to. In WMS location that would normally be Putaway location if you have one configured, or if you don't Linnworks WMS will attempt to figure out automatically whether you have enough stock in pickable locations, if yes storage will be chosen, alternatively most commonly used pickable location for this item will be suggested

Note: The demo is with WMS enabled for the location. In non-WMS location the functionality is similar, less the binrack location selection. 

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