Syncing is a list of the processes that are currently active on your account. Typically a channel synchronization will perform the following tasks:

  • Download new orders to Linnworks
  • Mark orders as shipped on the channel once processed in Linnworks
  • Revise the available quantities on the channel to reflect changes in your Linnworks stock level
  • End/Close listings when stock level is 0 *
  • Relist when stock levels increase again above 0 *

(*) This job is available only for eBay

The Automation Logs provide a history of the tasks that have been executed on your system during a given time period. Here you can see all the tasks performed by your system, how often it is done and how long it takes. 

They can be accessed in Settings > Automation Logs.

During synchronization errors can come up, they will be seen in the automation logs. Not all error messages require any actions from the user. Please check this article to learn more about it:  Errors during order sync

Synchronization runs by itself and it is not possible to trigger it or postpone.

Inventory sync can be disabled in Settings > Channel Integration.

The only way to stop order sync is to disable the whole channel.