A manifest allows Linnworks to understand what your application intends to achieve. By providing a manifest, your application can integrate with Linnworks in many different ways. 

Manifest itself consists of modules, which can be seen as the building blocks of your application. This can be, for example, a page that would sit within Linnworks. A module can also be an external integration.

The modules field of the manifest is an array of module. Each module has a type at a basic level. The type defines what the module will do. Currently available we have the following:

- ExternalUserInterface

- ExternalApplication

An ExternalUserInterface is a module that allows you to embed a page into Linnworks. By providing an iframe URL, with placeholders for a token, you can create a custom page that will be displayed relevant to the user that has opened it.

An ExternalApplication is a module that allows for you to generate a long lasting token. This is generated when the user installs the application, and if you require, can be posted back to you or copied by the user.