Please note that the old API which ran on is no longer supported.

There are two ways you can use handheld barcode scanners with Linnworks: 

  • a simple input device
  • a scanner with an application which uses API

Simple input device - any barcode scanner can do this job, from a simple USB scanner with no settings or screen, to very sophisticated and expensive wireless scanners. This method allows the scanner to work like a keyboard or a mouse: when you scan the barcode, it is transformed into text and inserted at your cursor's position. You can test it by opening a text document (notepad) on your computer and then scanning any barcode - the barcode will be inserted into the document as text/numbers. In Linnworks, it works the same way: you click the field where you want the barcode to be inserted, and scan the barcode. 

In order to start using this method, you just need to connect the scanner to your computer, have it install the necessary drivers so the computer would recognize it as an input method, and you are ready to start scanning. This method can speed up order processing and help avoid mistakes with shipping incorrect items with the use of despatch console, as well as assist with booking stock in.

Application via API - in this case, the scanner runs a special application which can do a lot more than just transforming barcodes into text. The application is authorized with Linnworks as a user (it doesn't count towards your user limit), and has access to certain system functionality, typically - stock in, stock count, purchase order management. Such scanners with applications do not need to be connected to your computer directly, because they interact with the system via Linnworks API

These applications generally run on phones, tablets, and scan guns with an operating system and a screen, and need to be installed via either AppStore or Google Play Market. For more information on such applications and installing them, please refer to the Application Store in Several applications by our partners include: StockWise, Warehouse Plus App, and Warehouse Dispatcher