External 3rd-party integrations/applications will be featured in Linnworks Main Documentation Portal ONLY if the developer provides a URL to an online User Manual/Documentation explaining the steps on how to integrate and configure the integration/application. 

The Linnworks Documentation Team will create a brief guide outlining the supported features of the channel/shipping integration and providing quick integration steps. This guide will be linked to the Developer’s User Manual/Documentation, where users can access comprehensive details and contact the developers for assistance. 

Note that brief guides are created for channel or shipping integrations only. Other types of applications are simply featured on the following page with the link to the developer's User Manual/Documentation.


Here are links to the 3rd-party integrations that are showcased in the Linnworks Main Documentation Portal. Each guide contains links to the developer guides, which you can review for your reference.

Channel integration:

Shipping integration:

The Main Documentation Requirements

Hosted online

The Developer’s User Manual/Documentation needs to be available online. In order for the Linnworks Documentation Team to showcase the integration/application developed by a 3rd-party, the developer must provide a URL to their documentation.

Please be aware: We prefer not to accept User Manuals/Documentation created as Google Docs as they may not offer the most professional user experience for our users.

You have the option to save your guide as a PDF, store it on your servers, and share a link to it with us; or you can utilize a documentation publishing platform to publish your guides. Take a look at the examples above of guides created by other developers for reference. 

Straightforward, full, easy-to-understand content

Your User Manual/Documentation must be written in straightforward, full, easy-to-understand language. 

The documentation must include at least the following: 

  • How to integrate/install the app you have built.
  • How to configure it.

You can also include any extra information, like the benefits of using your application, frequently asked questions, and any additional details you think users need to know. Take a look at the examples above of guides created by other developers for reference.

Helpful files

To include standard descriptions of default channel/shipping integration settings in your manual, you can simply copy and paste them from this file:


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