To request amendments to Linnworks Documentation pages introducing your application or channel/shipping integration:

  1. Go to Linnworks Support Center and create a new ticket.
    (Alternatively, you can send an email to with the below details provided, which will create a ticket automatically. However, please be sure to start the email subject as specified below as well to make sure the ticket is forwarded to the correct team).

  2. Select and enter the following:
    1. Type: General Question
    2. Category: Documentation Updates
    3. Start the subject with: Application Documentation amendment

In the ticket body provide:

  • The application name
  • The application type: Channel integration / Shipping integration / other application.
  • Developer name
  • The requested changes to the documentation.

Our Documentation Team will look through your request at their soonest availability and be in contact with you via the ticket.

Note: To request the introductory pages being created for your integration/application, this should be done during the App Submission for Publication process given here.

If you could not provide the needed information during the application review process, the above amendment request process can be used if the application review ticket ID is provided with the above.

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