In some instances, your payment for your Linnworks re-subscription may fail. Our system will automatically send you a notification indicating so and the payment will be retried in 5 days. If the payment still fails during the retry, your access to the account will be suspended and you will need to resubscribe to Linnworks to regain access.

Linnworks does not receive details from your payment providers as to why the payment has failed, but the most common causes are lack of funds on the account, expired card or a security check with the issuing bank.

If the payment for your Linnworks re-subscription has failed, please check the following as the first steps: 

  1. The current payment details used are valid.
  2. Please check that your bank is not holding the payment.
  3. Try an alternative payment method (e.g. an alternative card).

If you are still experiencing an issue with your re-subscription payment, please contact our Sales team via any of our Support options.

If you need to update your payment details or resubscribe due to access suspension, please see this solution article for steps to follow.

Please note! Resubscription can only be done when logged into with the Account holder e-mail. Secondary users will not have access to the Subscription screen.