For security reason, Linnworks does not directly store your payment details. In some cases, you will need to update the payment details you have originally subscribed with e.g. if a new credit card needs to be added.

Please note! Payment details updates and resubscription can only be done by the Account holder user. Secondary users will not be able to access these details and the Subscription screen.

To update your payment details, you will need to go through the subscription process once again:

1. Open the User menu in by clicking on account holder email on the top right corner and select Subscription (NB! only accessible for Account holder login)


2. This will open a new tab titled Subscription, where you can see all of the available subscription plans. 

3. Select the plan type to which you are already subscribed.

4. You will then see an option to update or insert the new payment details as you require.

5. Once all needed details are updated, proceed with the subscription wizard and the new details will be added for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I get charged double if I resubscribe to update my payment details?

A: No, you will not get charged double if you choose the exact plan you are on already. The details of your "previous" subscription will still remain in the system and it will know that your next payment date is still to come and the amount has not changed i.e. you are still using a plan with the same cost.

Q: My access was suspended due to Payment Failures, but the system does not let me resubscribe?

A: In some cases, the system will not allow you to resubscribe until any unpaid invoices have been paid. To do this go to User menu > Billing > View Invoices > Unpaid Invoices > Pay.

Q: I cannot see the Subscription option in the User menu/I get this message when clicking on it: For privacy reasons, only master account can manage subscription

A: The subscription page can only be accessed by the Account holder login. Any secondary users cannot access this page or make any changes/updates to your Linnworks subscription. Please log in with the main account user to make the needed changes.

If you are experiencing any issues with your re-subscription or payment details updates after following the above, please contact our Sales team via any of our Support options.