WMS feature. For information about enabling WMS, please see here. 

Routing Sequence of a Binrack

Essentially dictates the sorting order of a pickwave. The pickwave will display items to pick in the order of a routing sequence of binracks, going from lowest to the highest. If the routing sequence is the same for two binracks of the same type, the sorting will be alphabetical. 

Priority Sequence (FIFO)

Applies to stock item batches in Warehouse Managed location. In First In First Out configured WMS location, each new stock added will be allocated a new priority sequence number, which is 1 higher than the one before. When stock is assigned to orders, the stock with the lowest priority sequence will be taken first, hence ensuring we are allocating the oldest stock first. The actual route the picker will take, when picking the orders will actually be done in the Routing Sequence of binracks.

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