WMS feature. For information about enabling WMS, please see here. 

If you find a new item in WMS BinRack which is not in the list of existing items in that location. It is possible to add the item in. The process for stock count:

  • Scan or Enter the binrack wms location in Stock Count
  • The list of all known items will be shown. If you only have one item in that binrack, the application will prompt you to enter current count. 
  • You can close the screen (or enter 0)
  • Then scan or enter SKU, Barcode or any product identifier of the newly found item which is not in the list.
  • Click on the item and enter new quantity.
  • Note: this will add the quantity to stock, if you have stock in another binrack for this item the resulting total quantity will be newly added quantity + what was in another location.