Whenever we need to print something from a Linnworks Mobile application we can do so by sending the print to a Virtual Printer. Printing zones expands on the use of Virtual Printer technology and allows you to group multiple printers together into a Printing Zone. The use case for this might be as follows:

  • Imagine you have 2 packing stations, 
  • each equipped with 3 printers. One for DHL labels, one for FedEx labels and one for printing out dispatch notes or invoices.
  • a packer logs into a Linnworks Mobile (maybe on a tablet computer located at the packing area, or on a handheld mobile device)
  • Whenever they print DHL shipping label through mobile dispatch console it will be send to a default label printer configured on the DHL integration, or to a virtual printer overwrite for this specific user.
  • however, might actually switched from his usual packing station to another
  • without Printing zones the user would have to go into Shipping Integration settings and change shipping label printer to where they are at the moment

Printing Zones allows the user to simply select Printing Zone and any print outs will be send to virtual printers allocated to that printing zone. Printing Zones can be changed dynamically at a click of a button or by scanning the barcode of the printing zone. 

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